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A heartfelt video from our Executive VP, Alkawther Makki, author and entrepreneur

Influenced by human figures that have walked the path of turmoil to the podium of triumph; from poverty to prosperity, ordinary to extraordinary, and survival to success. Resilience has been the driving force to overcoming childhood adversity, even in the greatest polymaths of our time.


Where Dreams Begin is a Non-Profit Organization that brings a new approach to humanitarian aid, alleviation, and child development. Our humanitarian module proves that every child has the potential to succeed no matter the privation they did not choose. Essentially, we have adopted a new mind health palliative support system to break the social barriers that hinder a child’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual state. 


The achievements of today’s leaders bring unique stories of breaking social barriers and defying the odds. From impossible world records, perfect performances, and superlative savants, it has been proven, time and time again, “Beauty can be found in all things that have the potential to be great things,” - Alkawther Makki.


Our shared values and synergy will yield developmental growth and make a profound impact in a child's life, give them the chance they need to take charge, and the courage to finish what they start well into their prospective career.

Award Winner

Tatiana Gutsu, OLY

Join Olympic Gold Medalist, Tatiana Gutsu, in her humanitarian efforts to empower children to succeed with the Olympian will.

Now she's offering her star power to children who have the ability to flourish and grow with a dedicated mentor to uplift their spirit and make a dream a reality!

A diverse crowd laughs, cries and claps in unity, because all people seek peace, purpose and prosperity.”

Be the voice of reason, have the courage to face adversity and climb a mountain, thrive and aspire to greatness, because it will be the best time of your life.”


Do not feel compelled to shut down your big dreams, because they are larger than life, out of reach or too farfetched.”



Nataliia Isaieva, CFO

Natalliia has 15+ years experience in engaging young students. She is pioneering a burgeon of pedagogical youth development and communications across the globe. Today she is enriching young minds to be self sufficient with the power of encouragement, and a life full of color and purpose.